As a tinsmith at MP Solutions, you’ll be a specialist in metalworking, including installing, repairing, and maintaining metal parts. Join us to bring a breath of fresh air to your career.

Main duties

Adjusting metal parts: Tinsmiths on job sites are often in charge of adjusting metal parts to meet customers’ specific needs.

Installing metal parts: They are responsible for the installation of HVAC-R systems’ metal parts. This task contributes to energy efficiency, cleaner air, and increased system durability.

Repairs and upgrades: Job site tinsmiths may be asked to repair existing systems.

Reading drawings: They must be able to read and interpret drawings, diagrams, and other technical documents to understand project specifications.

Safety on the site: Tinsmiths must comply with safety standards on the job site, use personal protective equipment (PPE), and work together with other trades on the site.

Collaboration: They must collaborate with other team members to ensure quality work that remains on schedule and on budget.

Ideal traits

A tinsmith needs to master a set of professional skills. They must have a good understanding of the properties of the metals they work with. They must be precise to ensure quality work. They must be comfortable with working at a height, easily adapt to change, and have a strong sense of safety.

These technical skills must have been acquired as part of a DVS in metalworking, tinsmithing, carpentry/joinery, or a related field. In addition to providing apprenticeship training, MP Solutions takes care of the registration process for the ASP Construction course and with the Commission de la construction du Québec.


At MP Solutions, we’re committed to offering you not only a job, but true opportunities for growth. We guarantee an inclusive and respectful work environment, professional development opportunities, work-life balance, competitive benefits, and recognition for your contributions. It’s a recipe for success that will allow you to feel satisfied, fulfilled, and happy at work.

Professional development

We provide ongoing training along with skills development and career advancement opportunities to help you take charge of your career and achieve your professional goals.

Collaborative environment

Our team culture is one of collaboration and communication. Here, you’ll get to work on fascinating projects with talented colleagues.

Innovation and impact

We strive to push the limits of our field. Come contribute to innovative projects and cutting-edge solutions and play an important role in the company’s growth.

Join our team!

For more information, please contact our human resources team at rh@mp-solutions.ca.