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Join MP Solutions and become part of a thriving, innovative team, where every day is an opportunity to contribute to exciting projects. With stimulating challenges and a culture of collaboration in a place that cares deeply about professional development, you’ll have all the keys you need to unlock your potential and shape the future of technology with us.

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We don’t just create jobs; we create careers.

Pillars of the MP Solutions culture

Health and safety



Health and safety

Since being well and feeling good is important to us, we offer a work environment that is both physically and psychologically safe. Thanks to our approach and agility, everyone on our team can enjoy a healthy, long-lasting, and ambitious career with us.


Collaboration and commitment are the driving forces behind our relationships with our employees, suppliers, subcontractors, and clients. We build genuine partnerships based on trust and respect, helping everyone feel better and do better.


One thing all our team members have in common is their ingenuity. It doesn’t just define the way we do things, it defines why we do them. It’s what sets us apart from the competition. With our ambition, expertise, excellence, and creativity, we guarantee the perfect custom solutions each and every time.

Career opportunities


Job site and installation


Life at MP Solutions

Social events

Let’s face it: our social committee is hard to beat! Their devotion to creating moments of pure, uncomplicated joy is second to none. At MP Solutions, you won’t just find a job. You’ll find a second home.


On our team, recognition is invaluable. We celebrate both professional progress and seniority, and we support our team members by being there for them during life’s important moments.

Social media

We use social media for its most useful and noble aspects: being there for our team members, strengthening our bonds, providing important information, and promoting our company pride.


We put our people first. That’s why we offer a host of training courses for skills development and career advancement. They allow us to provide the best products and services, yes, but they also ensure our employees remain happy and well versed in their field.

Employee benefits

At MP Solutions, employee benefits are highly attractive: group insurance, a registered retirement savings plan (RRSP), floating holidays, 20 days of vacation per year, and referral incentives.


Working at MP Solutions means having access to employee assistance, health, wellness, and family programs. We want our people to feel supported and fulfilled, because happiness is a driving force!

A vast network of talent

We play matchmaker between qualified professionals and companies with specific staffing needs. Skilled professionals are the backbone of our outsourcing network.

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