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Our administrative team is made up of professionals dedicated to supporting our internal operations along with our external partners and clients. With their commitment and solid expertise, they’re able to offer caring, results-oriented service.

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Corporate careers

Human resources and OHS



Human resources and OHS

The human resources and OHS team handles all aspects of personnel management, employee development, and workplace safety, in the hopes of creating a positive, safe environment that supports professional growth.


The finance team at MP Solutions plays an essential role in managing, monitoring, and optimizing the company’s financial resources, contributing to stability, growth, and informed decision-making.


The procurement and warehouse team is crucial to the smooth and efficient management of the supply chain. It makes sure that materials, components, and final products are available on time, all while optimizing costs and logistics resources.

Administrative positions
at MP Solutions

Benefits of working in
administration with us

Collaborative team

Choosing an administrative position at MP Solutions means collaborating with a tight-knit team of skilled, committed professionals.

Diversified responsibilities

Diverse tasks with a variety of responsibilities await you as you work on interesting projects.

Important role

Your role is essential to making sure the company runs smoothly. As a member of the administration team, you get to see the importance of your work first-hand.

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