Engineering: Expertise meets innovation.

One thing all our team members have in common is their ingenuity. It doesn’t just define the way we do things, it defines why we do them. It’s what sets us apart from the competition. With our ambition, expertise, excellence, and creativity, we guarantee the perfect custom solutions each and every time.

Build a successful future alongside agile professionals.

At MP Solutions, engineering is agile. We respond quickly to market fluctuations, client asks, and evolving technologies. We deliver tangible results on a regular basis, adjusting priorities along the way while strengthening our partnerships. As a matter of fact, here at MP Solutions, we work closely with our clients all throughout the development process.

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Our vision of engineering


Continuous innovation


Team motivation


Our flexible engineering approach allows us to adjust priorities and features based on client feedback. We strive to create perfectly tailored solutions for every situation.

Continuous innovation

By encouraging iteration and experimentation, MP Solutions’ approach to engineering is the perfect foundation for continuous innovation. It lets us explore new ideas and concepts while remaining responsive to changing needs.


The MP Solutions approach incorporates continuous testing and quality reviews at every stage of the process so that our solutions can always meet the highest quality standards.

Team motivation

Every person on our engineering team plays an active part in making concepts come to life. Their ideas and opinions are invaluable for taking projects to the next level.

Our process
(how we work)

Needs analysis

We make every effort to understand the client’s needs and requirements, and to define the project in terms of its objectives and constraints.

Preliminary engineering

We create preliminary sketches for estimation purposes.


The team revises the project, looking at the preliminary engineering to see if there are ways to optimize costs. After that, we send the financial assessment to the client.

Design and planning

We design detailed specifications and plans for project implementation, then integrate solutions using the most fitting technologies and skills.

Revision and adjustment

We review and adjust each project based on feedback from the client.

Integration and final confirmation

We check that the project itself and any complementary components come together to form a cohesive final product. We then confirm the concept one last time with the client to make sure all requirements and specifications have been met.

Transfer to project team

We communicate the project to the installation team so they can plan the work

Continuous improvement and technical support

We gather feedback from both users and the installation team to identify opportunities for continuous improvement.

A diverse team of experts, guided by ingenuity

Our engineering team excels thanks to its unique combination of skills, passion for innovation, and commitment to taking on challenges with a creative mindset. Each person brings something to the table, forming a strong multidisciplinary team capable of designing exceptional solutions that constantly push the boundaries.

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